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Colorful - The Coloring Book for Adults

Relax with coloring!  Coloring is enjoyable, expressive and beautiful - at any age.  No subscriptions.


Features include: an infinitely-resizable brush, a full screen experiece, a fully rotatable painting canvas and much more.


Access our free coloring pages to try it out.

Happy Coloring!

Free with in-app purchase

Hear It! Sentence Constructor

Simple, easy to use and beautifully made - use this app to create sentences by picking and dragging words.  Then hit play to hear them spoken back to you. If you are not sure of a word you can tap on it to hear it.


There are over 1700 distinct audio words and over 100 different boards to choose from. You can learn Dolch words, parts of speech, science vocabulary, and much more!  Try the free version of Hear It! Sentence Constructor today!


Sight Words: Kids Learn

Give your child the building blocks needed to learn to read.    Combine fun, easy to follow activities with hands-on and audio features to jumpstart the learning process.  Children will want to play again and again, and by doing so will be learning up to 300 all-important sight words.


Using Dr. Fry's Sight Words, this app takes a developmentally approriate approach to let the child hear the words, practice writing the words, recognize letters, record the words with playback, and use the words in activities.


Jesus Evangelism Tool by Mobile Jesus

This app is a comprehensive evangelism tool which has been carefully crafted for discussing and responding to basic questions about Christianity and the gospel.  


This is the #1 ranked Evangelism app on iTunes in many countries, with more than 225,000 copies used worldwide.


A non-denominational tool that includes: points about salvation, the sinner's prayer, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.


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